2011-11-26 Pack4Dreamhack creating a 10 Gigapixel Photo!

In the begin I was talking with a person from Intel that does things with photos from Dreamhack. Creating mosaics with only photos taken on Dreamhack 2011 winter.

The goal was to create a Gigapixel photo this event. First attempt was with almost 2000 photos to create a 10 gigapixel photo. It was done in less then 50 minutes. Only problem was, photoshop CS5 couldn’t open it… so we had no option to watch it…

Then created a 1 gigapixel version. that worked. After talking with an other visitor of the event the rendering was separated in different parts. By combining those in photoshop we managed to create a 10 gigapixel photo. Only problem is the size, it is almost 28 gig in size with a huge ass resolution… 122473 pixels width and 81649 pixels height. Around 3000 photos of the event from different people where used.

Nice fact it is a Pack4Dreamhacker spinning the wheels and of course Intel is one of our sponsor for the trip. The hardware used for making it possible is the edge of Intel there new i7 cores. To create bigger images it would take more time and also needs more space on harddrive, the temp files where already 1,5 terrabyte! Memory usage by photoshop was peaking at 28 gig (out of 32 gig mem).

Was lovely to help out with photos of mine and thinking of how to make this possible, learned a lot on graphics from the Intel guys that are around here.

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