Long silence on my blog

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It is been a while i blogged something. So a short catchup on what all happened. Winter 2013, it was a long one, took some photos while hanging around. During the cold times we had a small reunion of the … Continue reading

Dreamhack Winter 2012 Recap!

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After the summer version it was time for the winter edition of Dreamhack. After my first summer edition this is my third winter edition. This of course as photographer of Pack4Dreamhack. For me the trip always starts in Enschede, the … Continue reading

Busy times, but all going fine!

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Typical for me, barely updating my blog… even with taking photos the whole period between the lost post and this one. So what happened after CampZone? Like the usual activity, heading to Scheveningen for the Fireworks show! It was not … Continue reading

Dreamhack: the first 2 days

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After 2 days of Dreamhack, we are still around and having lots of fun! First day was a relaxing day, had a walk around, took photos, edit them and even played some games. During winter 2011 only played a game … Continue reading