Long silence on my blog

It is been a while i blogged something. So a short catchup on what all happened.
Winter 2013, it was a long one, took some photos while hanging around.lucmarc.nl_2013-01-22_1653_0001 lucmarc.nl_2013-01-26_1314_0007 lucmarc.nl_2013-01-26_1317_0010 lucmarc.nl_2013-01-26_1339_0016 lucmarc.nl_2013-01-26_1348_0020 lucmarc.nl_2013-01-26_1442_0033

During the cold times we had a small reunion of the MBO study i did. In the short time it was organized we couldn’t complain about the amount of people that showed up. Had some dinner and then went to some pubs/bars having a good evening and night.

Later on there was a new exposition opened at the AES Artworks gallery. Made some photos on request, but must say some impressive art was made.
lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1323_0002 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1323_0003 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1349_0026 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1350_0027 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1354_0029 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1409_0037 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1431_0043 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1447_0050 lucmarc.nl_2013-02-23_1550_0080
Then there was The Party 11, which was a great joy again, seeing a lot of gamers hitting the competition. Did see some great matches and of course played some board games, like i do mainly lately, no computer, just a table and a game.
LucMarc.nl-20130330-16-28-35-0006LucMarc.nl-20130330-13-21-06-0052 LucMarc.nl-20130330-11-48-48-0047 LucMarc.nl-20130329-13-45-31-0003LucMarc.nl-20130330-10-50-06-0006 LucMarc.nl-20130330-11-03-23-0022 LucMarc.nl-20130330-13-04-04-0066LucMarc.nl-20130330-12-40-06-0003 LucMarc.nl-20130330-12-47-05-0011 LucMarc.nl-20130330-12-50-40-0016LucMarc.nl-20130330-23-42-08-0008 LucMarc.nl-20130330-23-44-35-0013 LucMarc.nl-20130330-23-47-36-0016 LucMarc.nl-20130331-00-00-42-0024 LucMarc.nl-20130331-00-05-38-0033 LucMarc.nl-20130331-00-14-40-0044
Had a great time on The Party, but all good things come to and end, so the new month started. Had some busy weeks ahead, even with photographing it wasn’t a boring time, unfortunately most photos made during this month are private. (Wedding, weekend away with friends, family) But decided to pick some neutral photos from the weekend away in Belgium.
LucMarc.nl-20130421-10-42-31-0003 LucMarc.nl-20130421-10-43-45-0007 LucMarc.nl-20130421-10-46-18-0009 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-07-10-0017 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-07-35-0018 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-07-42-0019 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-08-34-0020 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-12-21-0022 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-20-35-0025 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-34-00-0028 LucMarc.nl-20130421-11-42-03-0034
During this weekend the board of the students association also decided to get a new photos for there time as board.
LucMarc.nl-20130420-09-25-42-0001 LucMarc.nl-20130420-09-29-40-0002 LucMarc.nl-20130420-09-39-10-0005
So as you can see the blog maybe silence, but i do still make photos for various groups/goals. If i find the time i will try to blog a bit more, but lately that is difficult due to busy weeks/months. Next stop i possible will blog again will be Sweden. It is time for Dreamhack next month, so gonna Pack4Dreamhack again.

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